Been listening to a lot of A9 lately. I really like this band. It gets depressing sometimes because I would really like to see them play live in person, but they aren't known well enough in the United States to get booked. I don't know if it's true that Shou lip syncs during live shows, but he wouldn't be the one I would be going to see them for. Hiroto and Tora are the membe…

Needing a Boaz anointing

I've been really depressed lately. The reason is because I am currently in a nursing/rehab facility and after discharge I have no place to live. My health has been a hurdle I just can't seem to get over. No matter what I do to get better nothing seems to work because of my lack of basic needs. I have tried to make money independently buy investing in myself, but the return ha…

New blog post at my page

New blog post at my page.

I bought some new music from iTunes. I recommend the new Jackyl album ROWYCO. It's a good straight forward rock album.

Fernando the Magical Frog and A Pup Named Chew available now on and Apple IBooks Japan.




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